Aircraft Management

At Jet 1, we understand convenience is one of the most valued aspects of owning your own aircraft. By allowing us to manage your fleet, we take the hassle and worry out of aircraft ownership.

Jet 1 has over 30 years of expertise and experience with all aspects of aircraft management, and provide our customers with a customized, turnkey management program. The services Jet 1 is able to offer include:

  • Cost savings for fuel, maintenance, crew expenses, and more
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Flight operations, planning, and concierge
  • Risk management with our time-tested, zero-incident Safety Management System
  • Flight crew staffing, training, and management
  • Finance administration

Jet 1 Concierge

Our 24/7 concierge team is with you each and every time you fly Jet 1. In coordination with our flight operations department our concierge team handles the basics of crew scheduling, dispatching, and flight following, as well as catering, ground transportation, activities, and event planning. Allow Jet 1 to make each flight an experience that you will never forget!

Charter Revenue

Allow Jet 1 to minimize your operating costs by utilizing our Part 135 charter certificate, which allows us to charter your aircraft. We can charter your aircraft to our global clientele in order to generate revenue while you’re not using your aircraft.

Turnkey Management Program

Designed for owners who have higher personal utilization, between 100 and 300 hours per year, the Jet 1 Charter Turnkey Management Program offers the best solution.

  • Part 135 – Access to charter revenue to offset fixed costs
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Flight planning and scheduling
  • Flight crew staffing
  • Aircraft storage
  • Discounted fuel, and FBO prices
  • Accounting and administrative services
  • Aircraft financing, insurance, and sales consulting.