2007 Citation Sovereign SN 133

  • Total Time

    6,080 Hours
  • Passengers

    Nine (9)
  • Range

    2,710 NM
  • Wifi


Reg. N937JS

Serial Number: 680-0133


Description: Pratt & Whitney 306C

Total Time Since New: 6,009 Hours

Total Cycles Since New: 3,414

Enrolled in Power Advantage +


Description: Pratt & Whitney 306C

Total Time Since New: 5,388 Hours

Total Cycles Since New: 3,155

Enrolled in Power Advantage +


Description: Honeywell RE-100

Total Time Since New: 2,675 Hours

Total Cycles Since New: 4,524

Enrolled in Aux Advantage

Programs and Maintenance:

Engine Maintenance Program: Power Advantage+

APU Maintenance Program: Aux Advantage

Maintenance Tracking Program: Veryon (FlightDocs)


Total Time Since New: 6,080 Hours

Total Landings Since New: 3,502 Landings

Cabin Equipment:


SATCOM: AirCell ST-3100 w/ Triple Handsets

WiFi: GoGo Avance L3 WiFi


Airshow: Airshow 4000

Cabin Display: One (1) FWD RH Bulkhead Monitor

Individual Displays: Three (3) Personal Monitors


Avionics Package: Honeywell Primus Epic
Four        EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System): Honeywell DU-1080
Dual         ADF (Automatic Direction Finder): Honeywell DF-855
Dual         AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System): Collins AHC-3000
Dual         VHF COMM (Very High Freq.): Honeywell TR865A
Single       CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder): L3Harris FA210
Dual         DME (Distance Measuring Equipment): Honeywell DM-855
Single       FDR (Flight Data Recorder): L3Harris FA2100
Dual         FMS (Flight Management System): Honeywell MC-850 w/ dual GPS
Single       GPS (Global Positioning System): Honeywell CMA-4024-1
Dual         HF COM (High Freq. Comm.): Honeywell HF-1050
Single       SELCAL (Selective Calling): CSD-714 Selcal decoder unit
Single       ESIS (Electronic Standby Instrument System): L3Harris EHSI-4000
Dual         NAV {Navigation): Honeywell NV-875A
Single       Radar Altimeter: Honeywell RT-300
Single       TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System): Honeywell EGP-100 EGPWS
Single       TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System): Honeywell TCAS-2000
Dual         XPNDR (Transponder): Honeywell XS-857A Mode S w/enhanced surveillance
Single       Weather Radar: Honeywell WU-880
Additional Equipment: Datalink, Extended Range Oxygen, Electronic Charts, Steep Approach Capability


Number of Passengers: Nine (9)
Galley & Location: FWD Refreshment Center
Forward Cabin Configuration: Single (1) Side-Facing Seat followed by Four (4) Place Club Seating
AFT Cabin Configuration: Four (4) Place Club Seating
Lav Configuration: Aft Non-Belted Lav
New Interior: Completed 2021


Base Paint Color(s): Matterhorn White
Stripe(s) Color: Phumice Metallic, Charcoal Grey Metallic, & Slate Grey Metallic